​​​​​Naprapathy is a  specific examination,diagnostic,

manual treatment and rehabilitation of pain and

dysfunction in neuromusculoskeletal system.

Therapy is aimed at restoring function through

treatment of connective tissue,muscles and neural

structures surrounding spine and other joints by

combination of manual techniques, modalities,

exercises and supplementation.

Dr. of Naprapathy reverses the effects of accidental

injuries as well as injuries cased by poor posture and 

repetitive motion.

Naprapathic care is a safe,effective and natural

approach to managing pain and other health related


As an owner I believe a person's health and well being is the most important asset. That is why we are deeply

committed to ensuring the good health of our practice members and why we treat everyone with an open and honest approach to what we can do.

Individualized approach helps us to ensure each patient can achieve their stated health goals and ultimately reach their full health potential.




Spine Rehabilitation and Wellness